Hemen Ara

Shipping to Bangladesh

DMG Transport, which provides import and export freight transportation to all over the world, offers fast and economical services for your Bangladesh transportation needs with its reliable solution partnership services. Our company , which has the capability and experience to transport all kinds of cargo to overseas countries, carries all kinds of import and export freight to our country and from our country to Bangladesh with years of experience. We have the capability to carry out all logistical operations of your company, including your import and export products within the scope of heavy cargo by road and sea, and have a wide transportation network. The experienced team of our company is able to plan your logistics operation with all our transportation services in Bangladesh. According to the demands of your company and the load to be transported, it creates the most advantageous transportation plan for your budget.

Our expert team working on Bangladesh sealine shipping services manages the delivery process of materials to be delivered to the door of the receiving company according to the request of our customers. Our modern fleet is capable of carrying all kinds of cargoes and ensures that the cargo is transported to the desired point during transportation. With our Chittagoung port services which is the Bangladesh’s most frequented and highest capacity port, you can move your cargo of any property such as fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, frozen food, medical and chemical materials etc. with very attractive prices between Turkey and Bangladesh logistics route . Our seaway line , which provides reliable transportation of non-standard weight and dimensions of heavy loads such as construction machinery and cranes, enables you to benefit from our Bangladesh shipping services in the most economical way. In these transportation operations where your import and export loads are transported by sea, our company also offers you flexible solutions for partial transportation and lashing, you can be sure that you will not encounter unwanted surprises at your destination as your cargoes are fixed so as not to be damaged. Our company offers all kinds of international transportation services to meet your demands and to satisfy every budget.

With our fast and reliable delivery guarantee, you can contact with our experienced team in order to benefit from our Bangladesh shipping services with the most advantageous prices in the industry.